June 12, 2022


Whether your a teacherpreneur, educational consultant, or small business owner, WordPress is both easy enough to use and extensible enough to grow with you. And unlike some site builders that will go unnamed, you can take your self-hosted WordPress website with you if you decide to change hosts.

Of course, I would hope that you're happy with our services, but I also know that not everyone is the right fit. So I want to make sure that you and your business are taken care of regardless of what happens.

Additionally, here are four more resources to build your website with WordPress.

WordPress designs are theme-based

Themes enable you to change global features such as your logo, header, menus, and more across your website with just one edit. With site builders like Thrive Themes Suite, you don't even need code to do this.

Anyone can manage a website

While it is true that many site builders on the market today can boast this, not all of them are intuitive, easy to use, and extensible with a myriad of both free and premium plugins. A WordPress website can be managed by everyone from a high school student who wants to write his stories to a classroom teacher who wants to sell her lesson plans online.

WordPress includes community-building features

The commenting system is the mainstay of the WordPress ecosystem. Whether you're writing blog posts sharing your experiences as a classroom teacher or educating your audience about how to use your products, you can engage with your readers right on your website.

WordPress enables you to reach your readers with your content

Not only can you write blog posts (and call them articles, if you want to sound more professional), you can enable your readers to subscribe to those posts so they receive a notification whenever you publish new content.

WordPress sites are build to be SEO friendly

One of the most consistent sources of traffic for my web properties has been organic search engine traffic. What does that mean? In other words, when you enter a keyword phrase into Google, you receive a list of web pages that feature matching content. WordPress is setup to help you produce pages that are highly relevant to the keyword phrase you choose to target, particularly if you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed.

Already have WordPress installed and need help getting the most out of it? Check out our online course, WordPress Skills. Still not sure? Download our free Building Your Website report.

About the Author

Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed.

Michelle is an entrepreneur, writer, and teacher. She is the founded Watersweb Hosting in 2002 and sold the ecommerce hosting company in 2009. She is now owner and founder of reThink ELA and Creatorpreneur Collab. In her spare time, she is also a doctoral student at the University of Oklahoma.

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