June 12, 2022


Once you've figured out what your target market wants, it's so easy to just offer it to them straight up. Your market wants a better paintbrush, so you talk to them about all natural bristles, a real wood handle, and handmade craftsmanship.

That's all great — but not everyone in your target market is going to understand why your product is so much better than everyone else's.

So you have to spell out the benefits for them.

The all natural bristles mean the paint flows from the brush without any streaks or globs. The wood handle will last longer than other cheap materials and the brush will hold together without losing its hairs in the middle of your painting, because it's handcrafted.

See what I mean?

Make sure you turn your features in to benefits, so your potential buyers will understand the value of what you're offering.

Not sure how to do this with your product? Here's a simple excersize: Write down all your features on the left side of a piece of paper. Look at the first feature and ask yourself: Why does this matter? How will this make a difference in my ideal client's life?

Answer those questions, and you'll have your benefits. Still need help? Check out my Copywriter's Toolbox.

About the Author

Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed.

Michelle is an entrepreneur, writer, and teacher. She is the founded Watersweb Hosting in 2002 and sold the ecommerce hosting company in 2009. She is now owner and founder of reThink ELA and Creatorpreneur Collab. In her spare time, she is also a doctoral student at the University of Oklahoma.

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